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Rejestr: Sąd Rejonowy dla Łodzi-Śródmieścia w Łodzi, XX Wydział Gospodarczy KRS pod numerem KRS 0000957391, wysokość kapitału zakładowego: 1.000.000,00 zł.

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No: Nidzica/01/2016

"Construction of production and warehouse building – Stage I"

     With a view to preserving the principles of competitiveness and equal treatment of contractors (tenderers) in a proceeding carried out under the project entitled "The New machine factory guarantees the competitiveness of FMR LISICKI on the European market" under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme for the period 2014-2020, sub-measure 3.2.1 Research on the market, co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (hereinafter referred to as the project), we invite you to submit an offer.

1. Determination of the contracting authority

FMR LISICKI Janusz Lisicki

UL. From Wałowska 2

96-200 Rawa Mazowiecka

D & C 8351005317

2. Specifying the order mode

     This procedure is carried out in accordance with the principle of competitiveness as set out in the guidelines on eligibility of expenditure under the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and the Cohesion Fund for Years 2014-2020 and guidelines for the eligibility of expenditure under the Intelligent Development Operational programme 2014-2020.

After the submission of tenders and their verification by the purchaser, the contractor shall be selected as a result of the evaluation of tenders made in accordance with the assessment criteria adopted in this inquiry.

This inquiry has been made public in the following ways:

  1. Send a request for quotation to at least three potential contractors.
  2. Inclusion on the applicant's website:ści

3. Determination of the subject of the order

3.1 Order type


3.2 Order Subject

3.2.1 Name and code of the order according to the Common Procurement vocabulary (CPV)

CPV CodeName
45200000-9Construction works for the construction of complete buildings or parts thereof, and works in the field of civil engineering
45213200-5Construction works in the field of warehouses and industrial buildings
45213250-0Construction works for industrial buildings

3.2.2 Name of the order item

Construction of the production and warehouse building – Etap I in the village: 13-100 Nidzica, ul. Industrial, woj. Warmińsko-Mazurskie.

3.2.3 Description of the order item

The object of the contract is the construction of a production and warehouse building with usable area 5.007, 66 m2 (production and warehouse part – 4.583, 45 m2, social, technical and administrative part – 424.21 m2) – stage I and the porters with usable area 37.13 m2 – Stage I, consisting of the following:

  1. Production and storage parts:
  • Earthmoving and foundation work,
  • Industrial flooring,
  1. Social, technical and administrative part:
  • Earthmoving and foundation work,
  • The raw state with the roof,
  • window and Door joiners,
  • Floors
  • Façade
  • Finishing of premises (without sanitary and ventilation and electrical installations)
  1. Gatehouse
  • Earthmoving and foundation work,
  • The raw state with the roof,
  • window and Door joiners,
  • Floors
  • Façade
  • Finishing of premises (without sanitary and electrical installations) in the village: 13-100 Nidzica ul. Industrial,, woj. Warmińsko-Mazurskie, according to the construction project by Mgr Inż. Arch. Rafała Kuzy and construction permit no 119/2016 of 19.07.2016 R.

The offer must take into account the total costs of the scope referred to above, including the materials and their delivery, including the implementing and as-built documentation and the security and organisation of the site for construction time-stage I.

The design documentation with the construction decision will be made available to the tenderer in electronic form, after the submission of the confidentiality statement in accordance with annex 1 to this enquiry in writing at the premises of FMR LISICKI, ul. Wałowska 2, 96-200 Rawa Mazowiecka, woj. Lodz or e-mail:,.

4. Date of performance of the contract

Maximum term: 30.09.2017 R.

5. Conditions for participation in the proceedings and a description of how to assess compliance with these conditions.

ConditionHow to assess the fulfilment of the condition
The tenderer shall not be excluded as referred to in point 13 of this inquiryThe tenderer's statement forming part of the tender form.
The tenderer shall comply with the conditions concerning: possession of powers to perform a particular activity or activities, if the law imposes an obligation to possess them, possess knowledge and experience of a similar scale and scope, disposition of Appropriate technical capacity and persons capable of performing the contract, the appropriate economic and financial situation allowing for timely realization of the contract.The tenderer's statement forming part of the tender form.
The tenderer shall accept without reservation the content of the provisions of the works Agreement in accordance with appendix 3 to this inquiry. If the offer is chosen for execution, it undertakes to sign it within 7 days of notification.The tenderer's statement forming part of the tender form.

The assessment of the fulfilment of the above conditions shall be effected in accordance with the zero-one method, i.e. The formula ' satisfies-does not meet ' on the basis of the statement contained in the tender form of Appendix 2 to this request for quotation. A tenderer who fails to comply with any of the above conditions shall be rejected from the participation in the proceeding.

6. Information about the deposit

The purchaser does not provide for deposits by contractors

7. Criteria for assessing tenders and their relevance

7.1 Offer evaluation criteria

  1. Price – Flat rate in PLN for the execution of the whole range of works referred to in point. 3.2.3.
  2. Time-limit for performance of the contract-execution time calculated in months from the date of signature of the works contract (including winter period).
  3. Warranty period for executed robots-the period of warranty calculated in years from the date of obtaining the use permit.

7.2 Information on point or percentage weights assigned to each tender evaluation criteria

CriterionCriterion weight
Price80 point
Date of performance of the contract10 pt.
Warranty period for made works10 pt.

7.3 Description of how to award scoring for the fulfilment of a given offer evaluation criterion

CriterionHow the criterion is assessed
Price (C)C Lowest/C tested * 80 points.
Order completion date (T)T the shortest/T tested * 10 pt.
Warranty period for completed works (G)G = 3 years-0 points. G = 4 years-5 pts. G = 5 years and above-10 pts.

Maximum number of points to be obtained: 100 points.

Minimum required warranty period: 3 years from the date of obtaining the use permit.

Maximum execution time: 30.09.2017 R.

Points calculated in a given criterion are added to each other.

P = C + T + G

The resulting results will be rounded to the nearest two decimal places.

The purchaser will award the contract to the tenderer whose offer meets all conditions and requirements and receives the highest number of points.

8. Place and deadline for submitting tenders

The offer must be submitted to the company's headquarters at the address stated in section 1 of this inquiry, on working days.

The offer must be affected by 16.08.2016 until 08:30.

Tenders submitted after that date shall not be considered.

9. Place and date of opening of tenders

The opening of tenders will take place at the company's premises to the address given in paragraph 1 of this inquiry.

Tenders will be opened on 16.08.2016. At 1pm. 9:00

The contracting authority does not provide for public opening of tenders.

10. Deadline for offering

To 15.09.2016 R.

11. Information on anticipated supplementary orders.

The contracting authority shall be allowed to grant to the selected contractor in the procedure of supplementary contracts, not exceeding 50% of the value of the contract in question, insofar as those contracts are in conformity with the subject of the contract Primary.

12. How to prepare and submit an offer

The offer must be submitted on the form constituting Appendix 2 to this inquiry.

Other bids will be declined.

The offer must be completed and signed by persons authorized to represent the entity submitting the offer and stamped with the company stamp. Each page of the offer should be initiate.

The tenderer shall bear all costs relating to the preparation and submission of the tender.

The offer must be filed in a closed and open envelope without damage, guaranteeing the confidentiality of its contents until the opening of tenders.

The envelope must be described:

(a). Name and address of the tenderer (contractor)

(b). Name and address of the purchaser

(c). "OFFER" annotation

(d). The name of the order item


13. Information on the scope of the exclusion (in relation to affiliated entities).

13.1. Tenderers who are not affiliated with the purchaser, either separately or in capital, are admitted to participate in the proceedings.

13.2. The relationship between a beneficiary or a person authorized to enter into commitments on behalf of the beneficiary or persons performing on behalf of the beneficiary shall be understood as being the relationship between the beneficiaries or persons involved in the preparation and The procedure for selecting the contractor and the contractor, consisting in particular of:

(a). Participation in a company as a partner of a civil partnership or partnership,

(b). Possession of at least 10% of the shares or shares,

(c). Acting as a member of the supervisory or management body, the Prosecutor, the representative, the

(d). Marriage, relationship or affinity in a straight line, relationship or affinity in the sidelines to the second degree or in relation to adoption, custody or guardianship, or

The Contractor shall document the fulfilment of the abovementioned condition of the statement contained in the offer.

14. Determination of the conditions for amendment of the contract concluded by the procurement procedure.

14.1. The amendment of the contract shall be subject to the agreement of both parties, expressed in writing under pain of nullity, without prejudice to paragraph 14.2.

14.2. Amendments to the relevant provisions of the concluded Agreement shall be admissible in cases:

A) Amend or introduce new rules or standards, if in accordance with them it will be necessary to adapt the content of the contract to the current legal status,

b) Changes of persons mentioned in § 8 of the works contract,

c) If after the conclusion of the contract the contracting authority establishes or the contractor notifies the purchaser that there were circumstances that could impede the proper execution of the works,

(d) Where, as a result of circumstances which could not have been foreseen at the time of the conclusion of the contract, it would be necessary to extend the deadline or reschedule the works and financing, in particular:

– Due to the occurrence of exceptional and unusual weather conditions in a given year which prevent the execution of works in accordance with the principles of modern technical knowledge and applicable laws and standards,

– If, for organisational reasons, it was not possible to proceed to the performance of the contract or part thereof within the period prescribed by the purchaser,

– As a result of the necessity of additional works.

15. Other information

15.1. In connection with the obligation arising from the European Union Funds ' project grant agreement under the European Regional Development Fund, the contracting authority is obliged to reserve the right to inspect the contract with the selected contractor Documents, including financial documents related to the project.

15.2. Person entitled to contact the tenderers and provide explanations concerning the proceedings: Krzysztof Starczewski, tel. 505-151-570 Email Address: 

15.3. Submitting an offer does not constitute a contract.

15.4. Offers that do not meet the requirements of the request for quotation will not be considered.

15.5. The presentation of false information affecting the outcome of the award of this order will result in the exclusion of the tenderer from the conduct.

15.6. The purchaser does not allow partial tenders. The ordering party does not allow variant tenders. Partial or variant offers will not be considered.

15.7. Where the design documentation uses the names of its own materials or equipment, it should be assumed that these are the sample names, the tenderer has the possibility to use materials and devices with equivalent technical parameters, i.e. Worse or better.

15.8. The purchaser reserves the possibility to cancel the request for quotation at any stage of the proceeding and not to select any of the tenders submitted without stating a reason. In the event of these circumstances, tenderers shall not be entitled to any claim against the purchaser.

15.9. The procedure is not carried out on the basis of the law of 29 January 2004. – Public procurement law, therefore, it is not possible to apply the remedies set out in that law.

16. Attachments